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Do you ever find yourself saying…

If so, then you’re going through some of the same challenges I faced

In my early thirties, my life planning consisted of bucket lists and annual resolutions, none of which lasted more than a few months. šŸ™

Over the next 10 years, I created a series of life planning tools —from highly analytical ones to squishy, emotional ones— that helped me transform my life.

When I sold my last company, which sold expensive software to large enterprises, I decided I wanted to help ordinary people.

That’s why I created Strategic Life Tools —to help as many people as I can (like YOU!) use what I learned & created to live a better life.

Strategic Life Tools will give you the tools & training you need to plan and execute the life you want

Strategic Life Tools

Being a member of Strategic Life Tools will help you:

  • Gain clarity on your priorities, your present situation and your future plans
  • Reduce uncertainty and anxiety about your decisions and path forward
  • Act with confidence to grasp new opportunities and shed unhelpful activities
  • Increase your chance of creating the life you want & wanting the life you create

“The concepts and strategies Trevor used in our mentoring sessions changed how I approached my work & life.

I always had a long to do list and felt like I wasn’t really making progress on my goals. Trevor helped develop a structured approach to achieving both short and long term goals.

I still use his tools in running my own company today, and I credit him with providing a foundation to quit my job & pursue my dreams. He’s the real deal.”

– Lana Li, Founder of Idea Glue

A summary of what you get with Strategic Life Tools:

Step-By-Step Tools

Tools to help you strategically evaluate your current situation, decide where you want to go, and help you get there, with training and step-by-step worksheets to guide you through the process.

Planning Roadmaps

Roadmaps that will help you strategically plan your life in an organized manner, whether you want to create a detailed life plan or just figure out what to change next.

Monthly Masterminds

Monthly group mastermind calls where I’ll answer all of your burning life planning questions from evaluating your current situation and setting priorities to creating and executing life plans.

Every month a new tool will be released—expanding your toolbox

Who Are You?

Everyone is different. We all have different perspectives on the world and different needs. The tools and techniques provided by Strategic Life Tools might rock your world…or be completely useless for you.

If you are, or aspire to be, these things, then this membership is for you:


You take the time to think about your life & how you can improve it. You want to gain insight about yourself, your world & your future.


You want things broken down into categories & frameworks. You struggle when given a blank page & thrive when you have outlines you can fill in.


You don’t believe the world is black & white, but shades of grey. You believe boxes are helpful, but thinking outside the box is crucial.


You know when to listen to your gut & when to ignore it. You believe intuition can be improved & you work to train yours over time.


You don’t believe you can do everything. You want tools to help you prioritize what to do & to let go of the anxiety and fear of missing out.


You’re not afraid of numbers. You measure things and use numbers when its useful, but recognize not everything can be quantified.

Take a Peek Inside Strategic Life Tools…

Tools to help you figure out where you are, where you are going and how to get there:

and many more…

Every month new content and tools are released, from tips & techniques for living a more deliberate life to tools & templates for developing actionable plans & strategies.

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My Story: How I got a hot tub & became a dance teacher…

Imagining Myself in 10 Years

Five years ago I turned 40 and threw myself a party called Imagine Yourself in 10 Years, where I asked everyone to come dressed as themselves 10 years in the future.

To prepare for the party, I wrote a vision of my future self in 10 years. It talked about my future from two different aspects: what I would have acquired & accomplished and what I would be doing & feeling.

At the time, I was living in my girlfriend’s apartment, working in a business that I was no longer passionate about. In my vision, I wrote:

We will have a 3-bedroom house in Asheville walking distance to downtown with a hot tub and a guest room.

My First Life Portfolio

A few months later, I created a tool called a Life Portfolio that allowed me to visualize my life and where I was spending my time. It helped me realize what in my life I needed to get rid of and what I needed to nurture.

I started making changes in my life.

I put projects on hold that I didn’t have time to dedicate to. I transitioned out of responsibilities I was no longer passionate about. I focused on foundational activities that gave me time and energy to do the things I valued.

A year later, we bought a 3-bedroom house in Asheville, walking distance to downtown, with a guest room and an extra sun room.

But still no hot tub—and I still felt trapped in a business I had created, but had no passion left for.

Writing a Personal Annual Plan

Two years after we bought the house, I wrote a Personal Annual Plan that looked at my goals from three aspects: themes, objectives and key results.

My plan included my priorities, which included selling my business, and strategies for achieving my goals. One of those priorities was—you guessed it—getting a hot tub.

A few months later, I signed the papers to sell my business, and that fall we were installing a hot tub in the backyard of that 3-bedroom house I had only dreamed 3 years earlier.

Starting to Teach Dance

Back when I created my 10 year vision, I wrote in it:

I will teach swing and hizzop dance once a week, and go out dancing several nights a week.

But when I wrote out my Personal Annual Plan, the idea of teaching dance was still a distant dream. I had only planned to add more dancing into my life.

That summer, one of the top bandleaders in town approached me and asked if I would teach a short 30 minute dance lesson every Monday night before his band played.

I had a lot going on at the time and wasn’t “ready” to start teaching. Normally, I would have told him no or that I needed to think about it, potentially missing the opportunity.

Instead, because it was in my vision, I immediately said yes and rearranged my life to make it happen.

The vision wasn’t a plan for how I was going to change my future, but gave me the clarity to know when to jump on an opportunity.

Why I Started Strategic Life Tools

After my last company was acquired, I started working for the acquirer. It gave me time and space to think about what I wanted to do next.

One day, I wrote the following short tool:

In my   work, personal or volunteer    life, I help   who do you help?   to   what do you help them do?  .

While my new job was interesting and I was working with great people, this is how I filled this exercise out:

In my work life, I help online retailers to sell more stuff.

This helped clarify for me that I wanted more meaning in my work. I wanted that tool to read:

In my work life, I help people to live more fulfilling lives.

And, with that, the idea for Strategic Life Tools was born—to take the tools I used myself, that had helped me change my life, and that I was sending via e-mail to people I mentored informally, and make them available to many, many more people.

I hope you join the site and that I can help you too to live a more fulfilled life.

30-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee

All you have to do is ask. When you join Strategic Life Tools, you are completely protected by my 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten value out of using these tools and decide you want to cancel any time within your first 30 days, just let me know and I’ll send you a full refund.

For many people, Strategic Life Tools can be life changing. But it isn’t for everyone. If you try it out and decide it’s not for you, cancel within the first 30 days and receive a full refund—no hassle or fuss. I won’t make you beg or invoke stupid rules or conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge a subscription fee?
Because creating a better life is not a one-time event. We don’t get to sit down, work through a set of tools, develop a plan once and then just execute it.

Life changes us, the unexpected happens and we get off track. We need to regularly check in with ourselves, review where we’re at and re-adjust our plans.

Each time we get better at the process, and can use more sophisticated tools. You don’t start writing a 15-page Annual Plan on Day 1, nor do you immediately achieve your goals in the first month.

Different tools are useful at different points in your journey. There is no one “right” tool or one “right” way to create your life. Strategic Life Tools gives you a buffet of tools, so you can pick the right ones for today.

But why $20 per month then?
I am trying to make the site affordable to people, while making enough money to support myself and run this as a business.

Think of all the things you spend $20 on each month. Would you give any one of those up to have a clear idea of your future and how to get there?

Using the tools in this site can help you improve your happiness, your career, your family life, your health and your financial well-being.

Make the commitment to change your life and gain access to the tools that can help you shape your own future.

I currently have a life coach. Should I still become a member?
Absolutely! These tools can be used alone or in conjunction with a life coach.
Can I buy access to a specific tool?
No. The tools are meant to work together. While not every tool will be useful to you, restricting you to a single tool would limit the value you get.
Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?
The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be on your way to a better life. If you want to be deliberate about how you live your life, you should try Strategic Life Tools.
What if I don’t have time to work on the tools?
The tools have been designed to allow you to consume them in short bursts. Each tool has a set of steps; you can choose to do them all at once, or just one step at a time.

Some tools like the Life Portfolio are designed to help you identify where you can find more time in your life. Doing these first can free up time to continue to improve your life.

What if I don’t enjoy Strategic Life Tools?
Strategic Life Tools will be awesome and amazing for some people, and not the right fit for others. If you want to examine and change your life, you should absolutely try Strategic Life Tools.

If, however, you are not satisfied—for any reason whatsoever—in the first 30 days, let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your money back. No hassles or hoops to jump through.

Thereafter, you can cancel your membership easily with a few clicks of your mouse. See the next answer for details.

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?
First, I am always here to help. If you have any questions or issues with the tools, or any other aspect of Strategic Life Tools, let me know.

But if Strategic Life Tools isn’t working out for you, you can cancel with a few clicks of your mouse. While logged in, simply go to your Account page, click on Subscriptions and cancel your subscription.

Can I access the tools released on Strategic Life Tools during my membership once I cancel?
No. Your membership gives you unlimited access to all of the tools, tips and training within Strategic Life Tools, including new content and tools as it is released. If you cancel or do not renew your membership, you will no longer have access to any of these tools or content.

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