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Task Management Is Not Time Management

Too often we use task managers as a way to solve our time management problems.

Keeping track of what you need to do is important, but it doesn’t help you manage your time. Time management requires not just knowing what you need to get done, but how much time you have to do it–something most task managers ignore.

Task management is about tracking what you need to get done and when you need to have it done by. Task managers help you keep track of the what.

Time management is about managing your priorities, your energy and your focus to optimize what you are spending your time doing throughout each day. Time managers help you keep track of the when.

When a Calendar Isn’t Enough

Most people use a calendar for time management. But calendars are appointment-focused, not task-focused.

If your entire day consists of meetings, all you need is a calendar. But if you have blocks of time during which you need to accomplish things from your to-do list, you need something more.

Schedule Your To-Dos

By scheduling your to-dos, you are forced to estimate and prioritize each of your tasks, increasing the chances that you’ll work on important work that moves you forward, rather than distractions and low priority tasks that don’t need to get done today.

Scheduling your to-dos also has key psychological benefits. Called “implementation intentions” in the scientific literature, by scheduling your tasks at specific times during the day, you commit psychologically to those tasks in a way you don’t when they are just on a list.

This helps you get started more easily–especially important for those hairy undefined tasks that you avoid because you don’t know where to start–and helps you stay more focused, because you’ve scheduled a limited amount of time to work on your task.

Get Early Access To The App

Scheduling your to-dos sounds easy. And at a basic level, it is. You can start scheduling your tasks today in your calendar and you’ll become more effective at getting stuff done.

But calendars are not optimized for scheduling an entire day’s worth of tasks. And if you have an interruption halfway through your day and need to reschedule, forget about it!

Plus, there’s a specific technique that can make the process of scheduling your tasks more effective that is difficult to do with a calendar.

That’s why we’re building an app to help you schedule your to-dos using a step-by-step process that leverages how your brain works to effectively build a daily schedule that helps you:

  • Prioritize what you plan to do today based on what you can realistically accomplish
  • Catch yourself when you’ve gotten distracted and help you to get back on track
  • Manage interruptions & new tasks strategically, rather than haphazardly

Register below and check the “product announcements” checkbox to get early access to the app. You’ll also get a free online tutorial that will teach how to use the technique manually until the app is ready. If you also want tips & techniques for managing your time more effectively, check the “tips & articles” checkbox below.

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The app has launched! Check it out at DayOptimizer.com and start mindfully planning your day to accomplish more.
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