Determine What is Valuable

Taking an inventory of what we do in our lives can be a useful exercise to see where all our time is going. It becomes even more useful, however, when we can see what we value and what we don’t.

To start, we’re going to use three levels of value:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

These levels are intentionally vague. Value in this case is personal. It’s what it means to you.

If you have specific goals, value may be relative to what supports those goals. If you have low energy, high value may be what gives you energy or and low value may be what takes it away.

To start, grab three different colored highlighters, markers or crayons. Fill in each of the three boxes in the legend at the bottom of your Life Portfolio.

Next to each box, write 1-3 words describing what this level means to you.

Using these colors, shade in, outline or otherwise highlight each facet on your life portfolio based on its value to you.

Now take a step back again. Does this accurately represent what you value in your life?

Take a look at your low value facets. What can you do to eliminate these from your life or reduce the amount of time you spend on them?

Now look at your medium value facets. Can you delegate these to someone else?

Finally, look at your high value facets. What can you do to make your experience of those activities better?