Quantify Your Time

The final component of a Life Portfolio is time. It’s not only where you spend your time that matters, but how much time you spend.

For each facet in your portfolio, estimate how much time you spend per week. For instance, if you spend an hour a day commuting, you would write 7 hr next to Commuting to represent 1 hour * 7 days.

For activities that you do monthly, divide your time by 4. So 2 hours once a month would be 0.5 hours per week. Aim to get a rough estimate, not to be exact.

When you are done, add up all of your facet times. They should equal 168 hours (24 hours * 7 days). Go back and adjust your times until they all add up to 168.

Once you have approximate times for your facets, add up all of the facets within each section and write that number in the upper-right corner of each section box.

Most people will have the bulk of their time in the Foundation section, if only because sleep takes up a lot of our week (8 hours * 7 days = 56 hours).