Scheduled To Do List

Tool Overview:

Do you have trouble getting everything done on your to do list each day?

Too often we put too much on our daily to do list. We’re too optimistic about what we can accomplish in a day.

This leads to stress and a loss of momentum as we look at our list throughout the day. And when we don’t accomplish it all, we feel bad or try to compensate by working later, taking time away from our other priorities in life.

In this tool, you’ll how to improve your time management by learning how to:

  • Estimate the time for your tasks ahead of time
  • Schedule those tasks into your day
  • Prioritize and align your tasks to your energy and available time

Use this tool when you often end your day with too many unfinished items on your to do list, especially if one or more of those tend to be the important tasks for your day.

Use This Tool