Create One in 3 Steps

A scheduled to do list is created in three steps:

  1. Itemize Tasks
    Compile a list of all the tasks you would like to work on today. If these are large tasks, these don’t have to be completed today, but it is helpful to define a sub-task that you can complete today.
  2. Estimate Tasks
    Assign the amount of time you expect each task to take today. Again, for large tasks, this is not the total time, but rather the time you are assigning to it today.
  3. Schedule Tasks
    Schedule the tasks into time slots throughout your day. If you run out of time in your schedule, avoid the temptation to re-estimate your tasks; instead push unscheduled tasks until tomorrow or swap them out with one or more scheduled tasks.

The result will be not only a list of everything you need to do today, but exactly when you plan to do the task.

The practice of estimating the time it takes to do your work each day will improve your time estimation skills over time while setting specific times to do the work will help you see whether you are on track throughout the day, and psychologically increases your commitment level toward working on the task.