Using the Spreadsheet

To help those who prefer a guided approach, the Scheduled To Do List spreadsheet will walk you step-by-step through the process, giving you a printable scheduled to do list at the end. Download it at the end of this page.

The tabs of this spreadsheet that you’ll use are:

  1. Itemize
    Enter all of your tasks for today, one task per line.
  2. Estimate
    The tasks from the previous tab will be displayed. Select the amount of time you expect to spend on the task in the Time column. By default, you can select times in 15 minute increments up to 4 hours.

    A Scheduled column tells you whether a task has been scheduled yet if you’re switching back and forth between tabs.
  3. Schedule
    Time blocks in 15 minute increments throughout your day are displayed. In the Task column, select a task to have it scheduled and blocked out. Only unscheduled tasks will appear in the drop-down (plus the “buffer” task, which always appears to allow you to schedule buffers).

    Note that you aren’t prevented from scheduling overlapping tasks, but the spreadsheet has no way to display that and won’t track overlapped time, so it’s best to avoid that.
  4. Print
    Use the Print tab to print a compact view of your schedule listing just the start times and tasks throughout your day.

Besides these tabs, there is a Setup tab which allows you to configure the start of your day, the length of your day and to adjust the default durations used for tasks.

On all tabs but the Print tab, the editable cells are the ones with the white background. The Print tab uses a white background for the printable cells so you don’t waste ink. The worksheets have been protected to prevent deleting the logic in the other cells, but there is no password, so you can turn these off if you need to.

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